Monday, June 18, 2007

Six Months Since Green Light Procedure

Tomorrow it will be 6 months since I had the GreenLight PVP prostate procedure. It's still good! If you are thinking about it, I say go for it!

In the last couple (?) of months my firehose urination has slowed to a more moderate pace, probably as the bladder muscle has returned to normal size. It's now about 30-35 seconds to empty a full bladder and zip up...such an improvement from before the procedure!

If I don't really need to go, there can be an abnormally long hesitation before urination starts. I don't know why. If I do really need to go, there is no hesitatino at all.

Siz months, 180 days, maybe 1000 urinations that have not been an exercise in patience. All right!