Wednesday, February 21, 2007

GreenLight Prostate Procedure Patient Report - 2 Months Since Surgery

The surgeon told my wife, while I was still unconscious in the recovery room, to tell me to wait a full 2 months before giving the GreenLight procedure an evaluation. Well, that milestone has arrived (and slightly passed), and here is my report to all readers:

-- Urethral irritation is gone.
-- I'm continent.
-- I'm potent, but not likely to have any more children.
-- I can pee real fast!
-- The health insurance disagreement is down to $100.

If you are peeing in Morse code like I was, and if you can find a surgeon who has already done at least 50 or 100 GreenLight (PVP, photo vaporization of the prostate) procedures, I recommend it.

If you are curious, go to YouTube and look for the videos of Greenlight procedures by the Spanish surgeon. They are very educational.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

GreenLight Prostate Procedure Patient Report - Almost 2 Months Since Surgery

My pee time is now down to about 20 seconds to pass 98% of the urine...outstanding! I step up to the urinal at the same time as a young person and finish as quickly as he does.

This morning, completely unexpectedly, a blood clot and a chunk of necrotized tissue popped out while I was peeing. And this evening another chunk came through. I thought that stage of recovery had long passed.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

GreenLight Prostate Procedure Patient Report - Almost 7 Weeks Since Surgery

Things continue well, with only one minor problem. I can pee like a fire hose...empty 98% of a full bladder in 20 seconds. That is absolutely WONDERFUL!

The minor problem is that sometimes, when I realize that I need to pee...I REALLY need to pee RIGHT THEN. No accidents have happened yet, but I can envision a problem on, say, a road trip out in the middle of the boondocks.

They say that the bladder-emptying muscle gets very strong when you have BPH, in order to push the urine out. Since that power is no longer needed and the muscle probably will weaken, perhaps the flowrate will slowly diminish and the urgency problem will subside.