Wednesday, February 21, 2007

GreenLight Prostate Procedure Patient Report - 2 Months Since Surgery

The surgeon told my wife, while I was still unconscious in the recovery room, to tell me to wait a full 2 months before giving the GreenLight procedure an evaluation. Well, that milestone has arrived (and slightly passed), and here is my report to all readers:

-- Urethral irritation is gone.
-- I'm continent.
-- I'm potent, but not likely to have any more children.
-- I can pee real fast!
-- The health insurance disagreement is down to $100.

If you are peeing in Morse code like I was, and if you can find a surgeon who has already done at least 50 or 100 GreenLight (PVP, photo vaporization of the prostate) procedures, I recommend it.

If you are curious, go to YouTube and look for the videos of Greenlight procedures by the Spanish surgeon. They are very educational.


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