Saturday, December 23, 2006

GreenLight Prostate Procedure Patient Report - 5 Days after Surgery

My recovery continues. A couple of days after surgery my urine flow began to decrease to pre-surgical levels. It has gotten a little better since, but is nothing like the flowrate I expected. Maybe the prostate is still swollen from its laser-induced trauma. I have returned to taking 2 Flomax per day.

Urinary-tract burning has gotten much better, but it is still there. I wonder if they used a harsh antibacterial soap in the urethra before surgery.

The good news is:
-- No incontinence
-- No impotence
-- No blood in urine
-- No pain (except burning on urination)

A word about coffee:
A week before the procedure I began to cut back on caffeine, and I was way, way down when I went in for the GreenLight procedure. I think that was wise, because otherwise I would have been in caffeine withdrawal during recovery.

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