Sunday, December 31, 2006

GreenLight Prostate Procedure Patient Report - 12 Days Since Surgery

Blood clots and minor bleeding continued until yesterday, but now they have completely stopped. There is no telling if they will return (they stopped before and then returned) or if that part of the healing process is finally over. The urinary tract is still somewhat irritated, causing me to feel as if I need to pee when I don't.

Blood clots are soft and red, and settle to the bottom of the toilet when you are peeing. You can feel the larger ones come out, but they are soft and not painful at all.

The urinary stream is much improved. Emptying a full bladder takes about 30 seconds, compared with up to 2 minutes before the procedure.

I'm still on one Flomax per day, but I might as well stop it tonight because the flow is so good.

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